Here is a brief list of other places some TinWhiskerz blog posts or articles have been published:

October 31, 2017:
Adafruit: Look at All Your Halloween Costumes 

October 17, 2017:
Adafruit: “TinWhiskerz! Celebrating mistakes together with Sparky The Blue Smoke Monster :)”

August 31, 2017:
Circuit Playground Gothic Lantern Update by @TinWhiskerzBlog 

August 10, 2017:
Rapberry Pi Zero W + Adafruit Joy Bonnet Case #3DThursday #3DPrinting

July 13, 2017:
Circuit Playground Remix by @TinWhiskerzBlog

Enhanced LED Bridge Lamp by @TinWhiskerzBlog #3DPrinting #3DThursday

January 12, 2017:
Making Adabot Solder Dispenser @TinWhiskerzBlog and here 
Bill (TinWhiskerz) did a great write up on his experience making the Adabot solder dispenser. Great work, Bill!”

December 14, 2016:
Adafruit Blog: Tin Whiskerz’s BLE + NeoPixel Lamp

Excerpt of Adafruit Commentary:  “Awesome remix from Tin Whiskerz:”

October 22, 2016: Five 3D Printing Projects for Halloween

October 13, 2016: Dedicated Electronics Workbench

October 13, 2016:
Adafruit Blog: Remixed Case for Adafruit 7″ HDMI Touch Enabled Monitor — #3DThursday #3DPrinting

August 19, 2016: How To Build Your Own Maker Workbench

August 8, 2016:
Adafruit Blog: Extensive Documentation of Homemade ‘Maker Workbench’ by @TinWhiskerzBlog

Excerpt of Adafruit Commentary: “You know the itch. You need to upgrade your workspace – or in Bill’s case here establish a new non-woodworking space for electronics projects – and you don’t want to use a readymade desk or bench. You want something custom. Custom for your person (size, stature, even disabilities if afflicted), your needs and style, and of course the projects you plan on making.

Bill got the itch, and decided to fabricate his own ‘maker workbench’ putting his woodworking skills to the task of building a wood bench top topped with MDF, designing and wiring electrical for easy access to back-panel electricity outlets without the need for power strips, and more. The result is pretty magnifique, and I especially appreciate his thorough documentation, down to full bill of materials listed on his blog – 3D printer not included 😉”



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