Your question: How do I change shapes in FreeCAD?

How do you turn a shape into a mesh in FreeCAD?

To do this:

  1. Switch to the Part workbench.
  2. Select the mesh, and go to the Part → Create shape from mesh or press the Part ShapeFromMesh button.
  3. Click OK in the dialog.
  4. Select the newly created shape.
  5. Go to Part → Convert to solid.
  6. Select the newly created solid.
  7. Go to Part → Refine shape or press the Part RefineShape button.

How do you move a rectangle in FreeCAD?


  1. Press the Draft Move button.
  2. Select the Modification → Move option from the menu.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: M then V.

Is FreeCAD good?

Overall: The most powerful features of Free CAD is the scripting environment. It was easy to create objects in the 3D scene and access and also modify your projects in the FreeCAD interface of the software. … Free Cad has very good open software option that keeps a beginner busy.

How do you simplify a mesh in FreeCAD?


  1. Select one or more mesh objects.
  2. Press the Mesh Decimating button. Select the Meshes → Decimation…
  3. The Decimating task panel opens.
  4. Specify the Reduction: If only one mesh object has been selected and you choose the Absolute number option: …
  5. Press the OK button to finish the command.

How do you convert mesh to solid?

To Convert a Mesh Object to a 3D Solid

  1. Click Mesh tab Convert Mesh panel Convert Options drop-down.
  2. Specify one of the following conversion options: Smooth, optimized. …
  3. Click Mesh Modeling tab Convert Mesh panel Convert to Solid.
  4. Select a mesh object that has no gaps or intersecting faces.
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How do I transfer my Freecad points?


  1. Select the sketch elements for the move operation.
  2. Press the Move button in the toolbar. Use the Ctrl + M keyboard shortcut. …
  3. Click on a point or a location in empty space to move the elements to their new location. …
  4. If you want to detach an element and move freely, delete its locking constraints and drag with mouse.
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