You asked: How do you invert a selection in Solidworks?

How do you invert the selection?

Rather than creating a new selection, there’s a simple keyboard shortcut you can use. With your selection active, press Shift + Command + I (Mac) or Shift + Control + I (PC) to invert the selection. Now the lighter orange on the outside of the image is the only part that’s selected.

What happens when you invert a selection?

The Invert command inverts the selection in the current layer. That means that all of the layer contents which were previously outside of the selection are now inside it, and vice versa. If there was no selection before, the command selects the entire layer.

How do I change the selection tool in Solidworks?

Selection Options

  1. Click Options or Tools > Options.
  2. Click Selection.
  3. Select from the options described below, then click OK.

What is the use of invert selection tool?

The Invert selection command will change the current selection such that everything previously unselected will now be selected and vice versa. If there is no selection, the entire image area will be selected.

How do you invert a selection on a PC?

In Windows Explorer for Windows 7 (or Windows Vista), tap the Alt key to reveal the normally hidden menu bar. Click Edit, and then click Invert Selection. The items you had previously selected are now unselected.

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What is the command for invert selection gimp?

Keyboard Shortcut to Invert Selection

Make invert selection in GIMP tool using the keyboard shortcut. Press Ctrl key in the keyboard followed by the I.

How do you invert a selection in Autocad?

Right-click a component or a group of selected components, select Selection Invert Selection.

Can you mirror a sketch in Solidworks?

Mirroring Sketch Entities as You Sketch Them

(Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Dynamic Mirror . Symmetry symbols appear at both ends of the line or edge. Create the sketch entities that you want to mirror. The entities are mirrored as you sketch them.

How do I change sketch view in Solidworks?

To change the orientation of a model view:

  1. Select a view.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Orientation, select a different view orientation.

How do you box select in Solidworks?

Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select entity types: Shift selects everything within the box whether selected or not. Ctrl inverts the selection within the box.

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