What is IES light in VRAY SketchUp?

What is IES light?

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) has defined a file format which describes a light’s distribution from a light source using real world measured data.

What does IES mean?


Acronym Definition
IES Institute of Education Sciences (US Department of Education)
IES Illuminating Engineering Society (of North America)
IES Institute for European Studies
IES Institute for Environment and Sustainability

How do I view IES files?

IES files can be opened with Photometrics Pros, Photometric Toolbox, Autodesk’s Architecture and Revit software, RenderZone, the Visual lighting software, and Photopia. Another way to open one for free is with IES Viewer or LITESTAR 4D Open, or online through Visual Photometric Tool.

Why is my V-Ray render so dark?

Rendering > Render Setup > Effects > Photographic exposure settings may be turned On or are set inappropriately for the scene’s render engine and/or lighting setup. … Gamma correction may be turned Off in the 3ds Max preferences, resulting in dark-appearing test renders.

How do I make my V-Ray light invisible?

The “Invisible” checkbox affects on the visibility of the light in the camera only. You need to turn the “Affect reflections” checkbox off.

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