What does Defeaturing mean in Ansys?

What is Defeaturing?

defeature in British English

(diːˈfiːtʃə) verb (transitive) to blemish or disfigure (a person or thing) Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

What is Defeaturing in FEA?

Defeaturing—removing rounded edges, small holes and other nonessential details from the 3D CAD model—is one of the necessary evils of simulation. … The more complex the model, the longer it takes to simulate. Conversely, the simpler the model is, the faster it is to solve.

What does suppressed mean in Ansys?

admin Member Posts: 102. September 2017. A suppressed body is indicated by a crossed out tick mark on a body in the tree. This body(s) will not be meshed or sent to the solver. A part may be suppressed by right clicking on the Part branch in the feature Tree Outline and clicking Suppress Part.

How do you use Defeature in Solidworks?

To use the Defeature tool:

  1. Click Defeature (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Defeature. The PropertyManager has multiple pages. …
  2. Specify options in the PropertyManager. Click Next and Back to move between pages.
  3. On the Feature Removal Complete page, click . The Defeature options are saved in the original model.

What is obsolete mesh in Ansys?

Obsolete means the mesh needs updating because the geometry changed somewhat. Failed means the mesher didn’t make volume elements over all the geometry.

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Why do meshing fail?

Often times, the main cause of mesh failure is due to very small geometry within a model. In those situations, the size of the mesh just can’t fit an element into that space, thus the mesh fails.

How do you stop Ansys meshing?

Click Stop on the ANSYS Workbench Mesh Status dialog box. Click Stop on the ANSYS Workbench Mesh Status dialog box.

What is load step in Ansys?

A load-step should be thought of as a set of constraints/loads that are being solved for while the sub-steps are how you transition from one loading environment to the next.

How do I delete an Ansys body?

The second easy approach is to use spaceclaim, just right click in the tree and select delete it from there, anayways i am attachignthe images for ypur futher reference.

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