Question: How do you delete a bridge in InfraWorks?

How do I delete a road in InfraWorks?

Delete is available when you are in “Select Mode“. To enter Select Mode, toggle the View settings menu from the Utility Bar, and turn Edit Mode off. Now, when you select a road and right-click, you can delete.

How do I delete InfraWorks models?

From InfraWorks Home: Hover over the model’s tile to display , the icon for deleting the model. Click .

Deleting from Manage Online Models:

  1. Click to display a horizontal menu.
  2. Click to open Manage Online Models and Scenarios dialog.
  3. Select the model and Click Delete .

How do you change road width in Infraworks?

To edit road styles

  1. Click Manage Content (Style Palette).
  2. Display the style to edit. …
  3. Click to duplicate an existing style before editing it. …
  4. Double-click the new copy of the style to open the Style Editor window, or select the style and click .
  5. Under General Settings, specify the following:

When you open a InfraWorks model what is already modeled?

When you open an existing cloud model in the latest release of InfraWorks, InfraWorks downloads a local copy of the into the cloud model cache and displays the model. You can hover over to see the location of the cloud model cache. You can change the default location of the cloud model cache from Application Options.

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