How do you replace a subassembly in Civil 3D?

How do I add a subassembly to assembly in Civil 3D?

Add a lane subassembly

If the Tool Palette containing the subassemblies is not visible, click Home tab >> Palettes panel >> Tool Palettes . In the tool palette, right-click the Tool Palettes control bar. Click Civil Metric Subassemblies. Click the Lanes tab.

How do I add a subassembly to an assembly?

To insert a new subassembly: Do one of the following: In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click either the top-level assembly icon or the icon for an existing subassembly, and select Insert New Subassembly. Click New Assembly (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component > New Assembly.

How do I change the datum in Civil 3D?

How do I change point elevation in Civil 3d?

  1. Open the Prospector tab in Civil 3D.
  2. Right-click Points or Point Group. Click Edit Points.
  3. Press CTRL+A to select all of the points, or select them individually.
  4. Right-click the selection of points. Click Datum.
  5. When prompted, enter the desired change in elevation.

How do you edit an assembly in Civil 3D?

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  1. Open the Parts Editor to the Parts tab.
  2. Select an Assembly in the Navigation Panel and right-click.
  3. Click New.
  4. The new assembly appears in the Navigation Panel with a generic name.
  5. In the Base Parts tab, give the new assembly a unique name.
  6. Review the Base Parts tab.
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How do you open a subassembly composer in Civil 3D?


  1. Run the Civil 3D installer (setup.exe).
  2. In the installation window, under Install>Configure Installation, expand the drop-down arrow to access the settings of the installation.
  3. Select the box for Autodesk Subassembly Composer.
  4. Click the arrow again to close the section.
  5. Proceed with the installation.

How do I create assembly in Civil 3D 2019?

To create an assembly

  1. Click Home tab Create Design panel Assembly drop-down Create Assembly Find.
  2. In the Create Assembly dialog box, in the Name field, enter a name for the assembly. …
  3. For Description, enter an optional description of the assembly.

How do I add a new part in Solidworks assembly?

Click New Part (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component > New Part. For externally saved parts, type a name for the new part in the Save As dialog box and click Save. Select a plane or planar face (while the pointer is ). Editing focus changes to the new part and a sketch opens in the new part.

How do you raise a point group in Civil 3D?

To Raise or Lower the Elevations of an Entire Point Group:

In Civil 3D → Toolspace → Prospector Tab → Expand Point Groups by clicking on the plus sign (+). Right click on the point group you would like to raise or lower.

How do you set elevations in Civil 3D?

To Set Feature Line Elevations From a Surface

  1. Click Modify tab Edit Elevations panel Elevations From Surface Find.
  2. In the Set Elevations From Surface dialog box, select a surface.
  3. Select the Insert Intermediate Grade Break Points check box to insert intermediate grade breaks where the entity crosses surface TIN lines.
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How do you edit a subassembly?

Modifying a Subassembly

You can edit the assembly structure by moving components up or down in the hierarchy, or to a different branch of the hierarchy. There are two ways to do this: Drag and drop the components to move them from one assembly to another. Click Tools > Reorganize Components.

How do you edit an assembly in AutoCAD?

To Set or Modify the Assembly Properties of a Drawing (AutoCAD Mechanical Toolset)

  1. Click Annotate tab BOM panel Part Reference drop-down Edit. Find.
  2. At the command prompt, enter A for the Assembly Properties option.
  3. Specify the desired component properties in the appropriate boxes.
  4. Click OK until all dialog boxes close.
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