How do I create a spring model in Solidworks?

How do you make a dynamic spring in Solidworks?

After making this sketch, click on “Swept Boss/Base” under the features tab. Use the circle as the profile and the line as the path. Under options in the sweep feature, pick twist along path as the orientation/twist type and define by: turns, pick the number of turns, click the green check, and now you have a spring.

How do you find the pitch of a spring?

Measuring Pitch

  1. Be sure that the spring isn’t under tension or loaded. If it is, then you won’t be able to measure the pitch accurately.
  2. Find the distance between two of the active coils. Write it down or remember it.
  3. Note the outer diameter of the coil wire.
  4. Add the two values to determine the spring pitch.

How do you cad a spring?

To Insert a Compression Spring (AutoCAD Mechanical)

  1. Click Content tab Calculation panel Springs drop-down Compression. …
  2. In the Select Compression Spring dialog box, select a Catalog or Standard.
  3. Select Front View or Sectional View.
  4. Click to specify the starting point.
  5. Click to specify the direction.
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