Can we create pattern in CATIA and which tool is used?

Where can I find patterns in Catia?

Creating pattern:

  1. Select the hole by clicking on it.
  2. Now, in the transformation Features toolbar, you will find Circular Pattern option.

What is a rectangular pattern?

A drainage pattern in which the main streams and their tributaries display many right-angle bends and exhibit sections of approx. the same length; it is indicative of streams following prominent fault or joint systems that break the rocks into rectangular blocks.

What is a feature in a pattern?

A pattern consists of multiple instances of a feature. … For most pattern types, the feature or feature pattern selected for patterning is the pattern leader. After you pattern the selected feature or feature pattern, the pattern leader that you selected is the pattern header while the instances are pattern members.

What is a circular pattern?

A circular pattern is an radial arrayof objects around a. Center point in a sketch. Axis in a part or assembly. Bolt pattern on automobile wheel would be an example.

What is a radial pattern?

A Radial Pattern arranges the specified features spaced along the circumference of a circle. The spacing can be set so you only arrange features along an arc instead of the whole circle. Spacing and angles are set with dimensions settings.

WHAT IS curve driven pattern and write it?

The Curve Driven Pattern tool allows you to create patterns along a planar or 3D curve. To define the pattern, you can use any sketch segment, or the edge of a face (solid or surface), that lies along the plane. You can base your pattern on an open curve, or on a closed curve, such as a circle.

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What is a linear pattern?

A linear number pattern is a sequence of numbers whose difference between all the terms is the same. When you count, the difference between each successive number is 1.

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