Your question: How do I use Explorer in Solidworks?

What happened Solidworks Explorer?

SOLIDWORKS Explorer has been replaced by SOLIDWORKS File Utilities, which lets you rename, replace, copy, and move SOLIDWORKS files while maintaining file references. … It is also available from

Where is Explorer 2020 solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS Explorer was replaced by SOLIDWORKS File Utilities in 2020 and can now be accessed quickly with a simple right click in Windows File Explorer.

Does solidworks 2020 have Solidworks Explorer?

SOLIDWORKS 2020 has retained critical functionality from SOLIDWORKS Explorer, and has discontinued the SOLIDWORKS Explorer application.

How do I restore a solidworks Shortcut Key in Windows Explorer?

Restoring All SOLIDWORKS File Associations

  1. 1) Right-click on the SolidWorks application and choose “Run as Administrator”
  2. 5) Choose the version of SolidWorks you want to open the file in.
  3. 2) Once open, go to System Options>File Explorer and click on “Restore File Associations”

Where is a part used in Solidworks?

To find where a document is used:

  1. Select the document in the File Explorer tab in the left pane.
  2. Select the Where Used tab in right pane. Information about referenced documents appears in the following columns: Document. Lists the document names. Full path. Size. Type.

What are Solidworks file utilities?

SOLIDWORKS File Utilities let you perform such tasks as renaming, replacing, and moving SOLIDWORKS files.

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Where is the Solidworks Installation Manager?

Run the shortcut “SolidWorks <version> Installation Manager”, or browse to sldIMsldIM.exe. You may still be required to download some files if you select to install items that were not downloaded previously. If the shortcut does not start the Installation manager, check that it is implemented using a UNC path.

What is the another name of File Explorer?

It’s called File Explorer in Windows 10.

What are the five views of Windows Explorer?

The five views are icons, list, details, tiles and content, each of which is useful in its own way. Icons view displays a thumbnail preview of the contents of a file (or an icon if no preview is available).

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