You asked: How do I unhide objects in Rhino?

Show. The Show command re-displays all hidden objects. Type a hyphen in front of the command name: -Show. Enter the name of a set of hidden objects.

How do I unhide objects?

To enable an object, right-click the object, and then click Unhide in this Group. To unhide a group, right-click the group, and then click Unhide.

How do I unhide a selection?

Right-click in the active viewport and choose a Hide or Unhide command from the quad menu Display quadrant.

How do you show hidden lines in rhino?

Hidden should be a dashed line, however, my drawing is to large to show the line type at the default rhino properties. In order to remedy this issue, use the command “DocumentProperties” and select “line types” and change the model space linetype scale value up, until you get the desired effect.

How do I view all access objects?

Answer: To view all objects in the Navigation Pane, click on the Navigation Pane menu and select “All Access Objects” from the popup menu. Now the Navigation Pane should display all of the tables, queries, forms, reports, and modules that are in your database.

How do I unhide multiple objects in blender?

Fortunately, you can unhide all hidden objects pretty quickly by pressing Alt+H. You can also look in the restrict columns on the right side of the Outliner. If your object is hidden, the first icon — the eye icon — appears closed.

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How do I unhide a selection in blender?

Select the mesh vertices you are interested in. Invert your selection ( Ctrl + I ). Unhide the hidden mesh components ( Alt + H ).

How do I unhide in edit mode in blender?

With the ALT+H you will unhide everything (Show Hidden Objects). You can also use the H key to hide selected objects.

How do you increase line weight in rhino?

Go to file/options and under annotate there’s a tab for linetypes. You can edit them or create new ones there. You may also have to change the linetypes scale in the model space.

How do you hide a class in Vectorworks?

Click the Visibility tool from the Basic palette. From the Tool bar, select Classes or Layers mode. Then select whether to make the object’s class or layer Visible, Invisible, or Greyed. If the class or layer to be changed is currently invisible, ensure that the class or layer options are not set to Active Only.

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