Where can I store my Rhino Tank?

Rhino Tanks can be saved in player-owned Vehicle Storage.

Where can I store my Rhino tank in GTA Online?

Answer: The Rhino is delivered to the hangar. Trevor gets a hangar in the desert as part of a story mission, and Franklin/Trevor need to purchase the hangar in the Los Santos Airport as a prerequisite.

Where can you store a tank in GTA?

Both Michael and Franklin can purchase hangars at the Los Santos International Airport for $1,378,000 each. Tanks can also be stored in these hangars. Michael will end up with hangar 18, while Franklin will end up with hangar 19.

Where do you store a tank?

Tanks are stored in hangars. Drive it to any hangar you own, and park it there.

Can you store Rhino Tank in facility?

The Rhino Tank can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry for $1,500,000, and it is stored as a Pegasus Vehicle. Facilities are huge multilevel underground facilities operated by the IAA. … Rhino Tanks can be saved in player-owned Vehicle Storage. The design of the TM-02 Khanjali Tank is based on a PL-01 Tank.

Can u sell your tank in GTA 5?

Answer: You can sell Personal Vehicles, vehicles stolen from NPCs with value under $50,000, and any vehicle purchased from the following in-game sites: … warstock-cache-and-carry.com, as long as the vehicle can be stored in your garage.

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Can you store a tank in a garage?

Propane tanks should always be stored outdoors, in well-ventilated areas. Storing propane tanks in garages or sheds is discouraged because if a valve isn’t fully closed, vapors could escape and concentrate indoors. A flat, level outdoor area that is out of direct sunlight is the ideal location.

Can I leave propane tank outside in winter?

When storing your propane tanks in the winter, it’s important to know that freezing temperatures aren’t a problem for propane—in fact, you don’t even need to cover your tank when storing it outdoors in the winter. … In warm weather your propane tank can still be stored outdoors on a flat, solid surface.

What do you do with extra propane tanks?

Since there’s a possibility of propane left in the tank, many landfills, recycling centers, and scrap metal dealers will not accept unwanted tanks for recycling. However, some propane exchange companies, including Blue Rhino, will happily take your unused propane cylinders and recycle them at no cost to you.

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