What are the different work spaces available in Fusion 360?

The Fusion 360 workspace is divided into seven main sections, namely the tool bar, data panel, navigation, timeline, browser, view cube, and the marking menu.

What are the different workspaces available in Fusion 360?


  • Design workspace.
  • Generative Design workspace.
  • Render workspace.
  • Animation workspace.
  • Simulation workspace.
  • Manufacture workspace.

How many workspaces does Fusion 360 have?

You can also use a tool in the Application Bar to open a Data Panel, which provides quick access to your design files for data management and collaboration. In addition to the Model workspace, Fusion 360 provides 13 other workspaces.

What is the patch workspace in Fusion 360?

The Patch workspace in Autodesk Fusion 360 is designed specifically for working with surfaces. This environment is ideal for building complex, organic shapes and water-tight solid bodies.

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