Quick Answer: What makes Onshape different?

Onshape stores its data not in files on a disk or in a PDM system vault, but in a database. And it doesn’t need to read and write all the data in a document every time it is opened or saved – we have no explicit “save” action at all. Instead, every change is recorded as an increment.

How is Onshape different?

While Onshape is easier to obtain and set up, in terms of actual 3D modeling and sketching, there isn’t much difference between it and SOLIDWORKS. The real difference comes with Onshape’s cloud capability, as well as the collaboration benefits that come with it.

Who is using Onshape?

Companies Currently Using Onshape

Company Name Website Phone
Kichler Lighting kichler.com (866) 558-5706
Trek Bicycle Corporation trekbikes.com (800) 585-8735
Xometry xometry.com (240) 252-1138
PTC ptc.com (781) 370-5000

Is Onshape web based?

Perfect for Open Source Collaboration

Your design data is anywhere you are – it’s accessible from any computer via web browser or from any mobile device running iOS or Android.

Is Onshape cloud based?

That’s why Onshape – the only product development platform that runs entirely in the cloud – is designed from the ground up to outperform your desktop-installed CAD and PDM system.

Is Onshape no longer free?

Don’t panic – the Onshape Free plan is and will continue to be available, for free. During sign-up using the “request a trial” button, if a user identifies themselves as a hobbyist/maker they will be directed to the free plan. Googling “Onshape Free” will also take you straight there.

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Is Onshape easy to learn?

Onshape is very intuitive for those coming from other 3D CAD packages, there are just a few work flow learning curves, (working with part studios) but other than that, very easy to learn.

How many Onshape users are there?

Our milestone achievement of exceeding one million Onshape education users comes with significant implications for both PTC and our customers. Students who use our software in schools often go on to work for our customers, helping them drive digital transformation with PTC technologies.

Is Onshape easy to use?

Onshape makes it easier because they have a much cleaner interface, with fewer buttons. Systems like SolidWorks for example: If you want to extrude, you need to pick the feature based on what type of extrude you need…

What kernel does Creo use?

Romulus was a predecessor to Parasolid. ShapeManager is developed by Autodesk and was forked from ACIS in 2001. Granite is developed by Parametric Technology Corporation.

Kernel developers.

Platforms Windows
Domain Solid Modeler
Application Creo Elements
Developed by Parametric Technology Corporation
All about design