How do you change the radius of a curve in Civil 3D?

How do I edit a curve in Autocad?

To Modify Polylines With PEDIT

  1. Click Modify > Object > Polyline.
  2. Select the polyline to modify. …
  3. If the selected object is a spline, line, or an arc, the following prompt is displayed: …
  4. Edit the polyline by entering one or more of the following options: …
  5. Enter x (Exit) to end a command option.

How do you find the radius of a curve in Autocad?

Measuring the radius of a circle

  1. Click Home tab > Utilities panel > Measure to display the Measure dialog.
  2. Click Radius to display the Measuring Tools tab.
  3. In the graphics area, click point .

How do you edit a vertical curve in Civil 3d?

On the Profile Layout Tools toolbar, click Curve Settings. In the Vertical Curve Settings dialog box, enter curves values. Note: The curve type you specify in the Vertical Curve Settings dialog box is used in all curve commands on the Profile Layout Tools toolbar.

What is the command to edit polylines?

Change the Width of Individual Segments

  1. Click Home tab Modify panel Edit Polyline. Find.
  2. Select the polyline to modify.
  3. Enter e (Edit Vertex). The first vertex is marked with an X. …
  4. Enter w (Width).
  5. Enter the starting and ending widths.
  6. Press Enter to move to the next vertex or x to stop editing the vertex.
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Can a polyline be left open?

The polyline is two or more lines segments or two or more arcs or a combination of lines and arcs. A polyline can be open or closed.

How do you find the degree of a curve?

Multiply the length of a chord or arc by 360, the amount of degrees in a circle. The standard measure for each is 100 units, either in feet or meters. If you assume your arc or chord is 100 meters long, you will get 36,000 as the product. Divide 36,000 by the circumference you determined in Step 1.

Where is the curve calculator in Civil 3D?

Curve parameters used by Autodesk Civil 3D. Click Home tab Draw panel Curves drop-down Curve Calculator Find.

How do you edit profile labels in Civil 3d?

Click the profile line you want to edit. Right-click and click Edit Labels.

To Edit Profile Labels

  1. Add or remove labels of any type.
  2. Change the style for a label type.
  3. Import a standard set of labels.
  4. Save your modified labels as a set to use again.
  5. Stagger labels to avoid label collisions.

How do I change the alignment length in Civil 3d?


  1. Click Alignment tab Modify panel Alignment Properties drop-down Alignment Properties Find. …
  2. In the Alignment Properties dialog box, click the Station Control tab.
  3. Under Reference Point, click . …
  4. In the drawing, pick a point where you want to establish the XY coordinates for the Reference Point.

How do you create a spiral in Civil 3d?

Click Alignment tab Modify panel Geometry Editor Find. On the Alignment Layout Tools toolbar, click Free Spiral-Curve-Spiral (Between Two Entities). Select the entity from which you want to add the spiral-curve-spiral. Select the entity to which you want to add the spiral-curve-spiral.

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What is spiral curve?

Spiral curves are generally used to provide a gradual change in curvature from a straight section of road to a curved section. They assist the driver by providing a natural path to follow. Spiral curves also improve the appearance of circular curves by reducing the break in alignment perceived by drivers.

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