How do you change the dimension of text in Catia?

How do I change the size of text in Catia?

Open CATIA. 2. Go to Tools > Standards > Drafting > ISO > Styles > Length / Distance Dimension > Default > Font > & change these settings (Font size: 14, Bold: Yes, Underline: Yes 7 Colour: Green).

How do you edit dimensions?

To edit the dimension text using the Edit Dimension Text tool

  1. Click the Edit Dimension Text tool ( ) in the Dimensions toolbar.
  2. Choose Edit Dimension Text in the Dimensions menu.
  3. Type Dimedit in the command bar, press Enter, then type new and press Enter.

How do I add a font to Catia Drafting?

On Windows, some OTF fonts are provided natively. However, you can customize the list of fonts provided by copying your own fonts to C:WindowsFonts , or by selecting Start > Control > Panel > Fonts then File > Install New Fonts… .

How do I search for text in Catia?

CATDrawing document.

  1. Select the Edit>Find item from the menu bar. The Find dialog box appears.
  2. Select any of the optional settings. …
  3. Select . …
  4. If needed, select to search for other instances.
  5. Select . …
  6. Enter the text you want to use as replacement text and select again. …
  7. Select .

How do I edit text in dimensions?

Edit dimension text

  1. Right-click a dimension on the drawing sheet and select Edit.
  2. In the Edit Dimension dialog box, click in the text box. …
  3. In the Edit Dimension dialog box, edit the dimension text. …
  4. If needed, change the line justification or the position of the line.
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Can we edit dimension in AutoCAD?

In the drawing area, double-click the dimension you want to edit. … Click Power Dimensioning tab Format panel Edit Geometry. … In the Power Dimensioning Edit Geometry dialog box, enter a numerical value in the Text offset from dimension line box. Click Power Dimensioning tab Close panel Close Editor.

Can I change dimension in AutoCAD?

In the Dimension Style Manager, select the style you want to change. Click Modify. In Modify Dimension Style dialog box, Fit tab, under Scale for Dimension Features, enter a value for the overall scale. … Click Close to exit the Dimension Style Manager.

How do you draw on Catia v5?

Creating a New Drawing

  1. From the menu bar, select Start > Mechanical Design .
  2. Select the Drafting workbench. …
  3. Select the views to be automatically created on your drawing from the New Drawing Creation dialog box, for example the Front, Bottom and Right icon.
  4. Click OK .
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