How do you add a room to floorplanner?

Keep splitting walls, dragging walls and corners until the room has the desired shape and size. Choose ‘draw room’ button in the construction menu. Click on an existing corner and drag the new room to the right size. The new room can be drawn ‘inside’ or ‘next to’ the existing room.

Can you import your own furniture into floorplanner?

In Homestyler floor planner, you could have full access to our massive model library to decorate your rooms, and you are also able to import your own 3D models and enrich your home design projects with unique pieces of furniture and accessories.

Can you collaborate on floorplanner?

The Collaborate option lets you give someone else the option to edit your project for 14 days. He or she gets full controll over the project in the editor, without need of a floorplanner account. Any changes saved will be saved to the original project. You can share your plan in a Viewer or as a Spaceplanner.

Is floorplanner an app?

‎ Apps on the App Store.

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