How do I set hotkeys in CATIA V5?

How do I use shortcuts in Catia?

Customize the Commands:

Select the Command Tab. Select the appropriate Categories and select the command (Hide/Show) which you want to create short key. Click Show Properties button. Type the key which you want to use as shortcut key.

How do I set up hotkeys?

Begin keyboard shortcuts with CTRL or a function key. Press the TAB key repeatedly until the cursor is in the Press new shortcut key box. Press the combination of keys that you want to assign. For example, press CTRL plus the key that you want to use.

What does F3 button do in Catia?

38 Shortcuts for CATIA V5

Escape Abort the current process or exit the current dialog box (when there is one)
F3 Structure tree out or insert (Toggle specification tree display on and off)
F9 Toggle Hide/Show
F10 Toggle Swap Visible Space
Shift+F1 Context assistance (Get help on toolbar icons)

How do I see all keyboard shortcuts?

Press Ctrl + Alt + ? on your keyboard. Keyboard shortcut overview is now open. Now try typing in the shortcut you are looking for.

How do I change hotkey settings?

How to change shortcut keys for switching input method in Windows 10 systems

  1. Input Typing settings in the search bar.
  2. Click Advanced keyboard settings in the right menu.
  3. Select Language bar options and then click Advanced key settings.
  4. Click Change the key sequence.
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How do I get hotkeys to work?

Keyboard shortcuts & Hotkeys are not working

  1. 1] Physically clean the keyboard keys.
  2. 2] Run the Hardware troubleshooter. …
  3. 2] Connect the keyboard to a different USB port. …
  4. 3] Uninstall any previously installed keyboard software. …
  5. 4] Update keyboard driver. …
  6. 5] Re-install keyboard driver. …
  7. 6] Enable HID Human Interface Service.

How do you repeat a command in Catia?

The quickest way to relaunch the last command you accessed is to use the command Repeat Last Command. This function can be accessed from the keyboard keys + .

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