How do I remove lines in Catia?

How do I delete lines in Catia?

CATPart document.

  1. Select the rectangle you wish to delete.
  2. Select Edit > Delete… . …
  3. Click More>> . …
  4. If you can delete the sketch, you can also replace it with another element: click … PartBody / Sketch . …
  5. Select Sketch4 , that is the hexagon, to replace Sketch 2 . …
  6. Click OK .

How do you fix lines in Catia?

Fix Constraint in CATIA V5-Procedure:

  1. Firstly, pick any plane(say XY Plane).
  2. Draw finite lines or splines in the sketcher.
  3. Now whichever line you want to fix at a point, fix it so that it cannot be moved from its original position.
  4. For that take Fix Constraint and whichever line you want to fix, click on it.

How do I move lines in Catia?

Modifying Center Lines or Axis Lines

  1. Click a center line. End points appear.
  2. Select any end point and drag to move all the center line extremities to a new position.
  3. Press the Ctrl key while selecting any end point and drag the selected extremity to a new position.

How do I delete a body part on Catia?

From V5R15 onward, you can:

  1. get an idea of the result just by clicking the Preview button.
  2. edit a Remove feature. To do so, you just need to double-click the feature and then select the new body to be removed.
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How do you delete parameters in Catia?

Deleting a parameter

Click the icon in the Knowledge tool bar. In the Formulas Editor, select the parameter to be deleted, then click Delete Parameter .

How do you fully constrain a sketch in Catia?

Use the Sketch Tools Toolbar. Use the Constraints Toolbar.

Dimensional Constraints

  1. Keep only Dimensional Constraint activated.
  2. Click Circle in the Profiles toolbar.
  3. Select the corner center to define the one of the circle. Note that this symbol is displayed by the SmartPick as a coincidence between two points is detected.

Where do we use axis in Catia?

Select Insert > Axis System from the menu bar or click Axis System . The Axis System Definition dialog box is displayed. An axis system is composed of an origin point and three orthogonal axes. For instance, you can start by selecting the vertex as shown to position the origin of the axis system you wish to create.

Where is the trim tool in Catia?

Click Quick Trim . The Quick Trim options are displayed in the Sketch tools toolbar.

What is the Save extension of Sketcher file?

Ans: The save extension of the sketcher file in CATIA is CATPart.

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