How do I get rid of the symbol in AutoCAD?

How do I remove the symbol in AutoCAD?


  1. To clear this message you can right-click on it and choose “Clear Label Text Override”.
  2. To turn it off completely in Options menu>AEC Editor tab. In command line type OPTIONS to get to menu. Go to AEC Editor and clear “Drafting” checkbox. Close dialog box.

How do I turn off nodes in AutoCAD?

To Remove Nodes From Layout Curves

  1. Select the layout curve by selecting one of the node anchors.
  2. Click a Remove Node grip. Alternatively, you can click Layout Curve tab Modify panel Remove Node. …
  3. Right-click, and click Deselect All to turn off grips.

How do I get rid of orange in AutoCAD?

In the lower left under Solution Tips, Display solution tip when: uncheck the box Drafting. Then select Apply and OK. The Orange Circle with the i will disable.

How do you hide text in Civil 3D?

How do you hide objects in AutoCAD? Hiding objects: Select objects that you want to hide from drawing then right click to bring the contextual menu and select Isolate then Hide objects. This will hide only the objects which you have selected leaving all the remaining objects active in drawing area.

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How do you hide labels in Civil 3D?

Civil 3D Labels:

On the Layout tab of the Label style underneath the Border section, there is a setting for Background Mask. Setting it to True will turn it on and setting it to False will turn it off.

How do I make nodes visible in AutoCAD?

How do I make points visible in AutoCAD?

  1. At the Command prompt, enter ddptype.
  2. In the Point Style dialog box, select any of the point modes. You can also change the Point Size to improve the visibility of the points.
  3. On the command line, enter regen.

How do I change the size of nodes in AutoCAD?

How do you change the size of a point in AutoCAD? Type PTYPE and press enter. Select “Set size in Absolute units” radio button and specify the size of the point which you want in the Point Size field as shown in the image below.

What is Annomonitor AutoCAD?

What is Reassociate in AutoCAD? If this is not desired switch the Annotation Monitor off. A new feature in AutoCAD 2013 is the Annotation Monitor utility which notifies the user if dimensions become disassociated from its related geometry.

How do I get rid of red circles in AutoCAD?

How do I get rid of the red dot in AutoCAD? The red dot usually means the Action Recorder is active (recording). To turn it off (and make the red dot go away), right-click in the drawing area, select Action Recorder, and select Stop. (Or enter the ACTSTOP command.)

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How do you turn off triangles in Civil 3d?

Yes. Go to the Selection tab in Options and uncheck “When no command is active” under Selection Preview.

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