Can you import Matterport to SketchUp?

Can you import Matterport into SketchUp?

We Get Around created a proprietary process to convert the Matterport Object File (. OBJ) to a SketchUp File (. SKP) to enable anyone – anywhere – to be a 3D modeler within the SketchUp application.

Can you download from Matterport?

If you just want to explore the Showcase while offline, then check out our free 3D Showcase for iOS app for your iPad and iPhone. If you’re interested in creating a local backup for any reason, here’s a list of all the Matterport assets that you can download and store locally.

Can Matterport tours be downloaded?

To get started you must first download the App. Go to the App store and search Matterport 3D Showcase and download the App. Once on your device, you’ll be able to download all of your 3D Tours. In order to download a tour, you’ll then need your tour ID for the property.

Can you embed Matterport?

While you can always share a link to a Matterport 3D model and even customize the link, another option is to directly embed the model onto your website.

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How much does a Matterport scan cost?

Matterport Price List

Subscription Tier Subscription Fee (Monthly) Subscription Fee (Annual)
Free * $0 USD £0 GBP 0€ Euro Not applicable
Starter ** $9.99 USD £7.99 GBP 8.99€ Euro Not applicable
Professional $69 USD £55 GBP 62€ Euro $708 USD £564 GBP 636€ Euro
Professional Plus $129 USD £99 GBP 115€ Euro $1320 USD £1008 GBP 1176€ Euro

How do I get my pictures from Matterport?

1. Download a Single Snapshot.

  1. Open the project you’d like to pull the snapshot from.
  2. Click on the Downloads tab. From here, you’ll see a “Photos” section containing any photos taken from Edit.
  3. Click on the image you want to download.
  4. In the pop-up window, click the download icon at the top-right corner of the image.

Can you upload 360 images to Matterport?

360° Views can be placed inside your Matterport 3D Spaces and are typically used to take outdoor shots to supplement the interior tour of the property. After you’ve taken each of your 360° Snapshots, follow the instructions below to manage your 360° views and upload them to the Matterport cloud.

Do Matterport tours expire?

With every Game Changer package you will receive links to a branded and unbranded Matterport Virtual Tour, as well as, your 3d virtual tour as the header of your property website. These links will stay live for a minimum of 90 days from the time of delivery. At this point, the links will expire.

Can you use Matterport offline?

Matterport has built and provided an Application for iPhones that will allow you to use your 3D models offline without internet access. The models can be given an expiration date so they dont take up too much space on your device.

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Can I download a virtual tour?

This means, you are able to download a virtual tour and post it wherever you may need. If you are looking for a quicker way to share your virtual tour, consider using the free property page links provided with every HomeJab package.

Can I host my own Matterport?

The service provider can host your Matterport Space in their account. You can set up your own account and have the service provider upload it there. If you choose this option, you would have to subscribe to a Cloud Plan, then ask your service provider to scan and upload the models to your account.

How do I share my files on Matterport?

To make your Matterport 3D space public (available to anyone with the link), click on the lock labeled Share in the upper righthand corner of the space, located next to the Edit button. You will see get a pop up dialog box with the Share options. Under “Get sharable link” change to “Anyone with the link can view”.

Can you upload Matterport to Zillow?

Can I add a Matterport VR tour to the main page of my Zillow listing? A third-party VR tour (Matterport, VPix360, etc.) or a slideshow can be included on a Zillow listing by adding it as a virtual tour to the MLS listing.

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