Best answer: How do I import FormIt into Revit?

Can you import vectorworks into Revit?

Vectorworks can now export RVT and RFA files for consultants working in Autodesk Revit. This process will export all 3D Vectorworks objects as Direct Shape Type objects with geometry in Revit.

How do I import a FormIt into SketchUp?

Click the dropdown and use Convert SKP to Formit. Browse to specify the file that contains the Sketchup file, and then browse to specify the file where the converted file will be saved. When you click OK the conversion will start (it will convert any . SKP files it finds in the specified folder).

How do I import an RVT file into Revit?

Load Groups

  1. Click Insert tab Load from Library panel (Load as Group).
  2. In the Load File as Group dialog, navigate to the Revit project, family, or group you want to load.
  3. If you are loading an RVT or RVG file, select whether you want to include attached details, levels, or grids. …
  4. Click Open.

How do I import information from one Revit file to another?

Click Insert tab Import panel Insert from File drop-down Insert Views from File. In the Open dialog, select a project file, and click Open. The Insert Views dialog opens, which displays views that are saved in the project. From the list, select an option for views to display.

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Is FormIt Pro free?

Get started in FormIt web app for free. Try additional features in FormIt Pro free for 30 days by signing in to FormIt.

Is FormIt better than SketchUp?

There are many advantages to using FormIt over Sketchup. Too many to ignore. FormIt provides Real-time Collaboration, Energy Analysis, Solar Analysis, Autodesk materials and it can also utilize Dynamo to aid in design decisions. Here are the best features of that should make you consider why you should make the switch.

What file types can FormIt open?

FormIt for Windows has the biggest selection of importable files, and the Content Library now supports all of them: DWG, FBX, OBJ, SAT, SKP, and STL. FormIt for Web supports STL and OBJ imports, and now the Content Library does, too.

Can you render in FormIt?

So short answer to your question – yes, we are experimenting. Hi Tobius, Thanks to the formit team for the creation of this product but am also egar to ask that how far we are on the way of rendering now.

What is FormIt Pro?

FormIt Pro unlocks your ability to collaborate, iterate, and analyze your designs. FormIt Pro is part of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection.

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