Your question: How do you zoom in Onshape?

How do you zoom in and out on Onshape without a mouse?

Click and drag with three fingers (middle-click) -> pan. Swipe up and down with two fingers (scroll) -> zoom in and out smoothly respectively.

How do I zoom without a mouse?

To zoom in and out with a keyboard shortcut, hold CTRL and press the + key to zoom in. 3. Hold CTRL and the – key to zoom out.

How do you scroll on Onshape?

Click the Pan icon, then click and drag your cursor in the direction you want to pan your document. While using the Onshape application on a desktop, you can scroll up or down with your mouse at any time to zoom in or out.

How do you change Onshape to CM?


  1. Click “Preferences” under your Account settings, and you will see an option for “Units.”
  2. Select the units you prefer from the dropdown menu and click “Save units.” In the future, any Documents you create will have these units. …
  3. Here, you can change the units of that individual Document.

Can you use Onshape without a mouse?

The only method to effect a zoom that does not require use of pointing device (mouse or fingers/stylus on a touch sensitive screen) is the keyboard shortcut z (Zoom out), and z (Zoom in).

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How do you Zoom out without a mouse in unity?

Click and hold the “Alt” button. Right-Click and drag with your mouse/touchpad. Thats it!

How do you raise a hand in Zoom?

Windows: You can also use the Alt+Y keyboard shortcut to raise or lower your hand. Mac: You can also use the Option+Y keyboard shortcut to raise or lower your hand.

Windows | Mac

  1. Click Raise Hand in the webinar controls. …
  2. If the host allows you to talk, you may be prompted to unmute yourself.

How do you end zoom meeting fast?

Command + W: Prompt to end or leave the meeting.

What is located at the top of the very top of the graphics area within a document?

Header. Reserved area for text, graphics, and fields that display at the top of each page in a document. Keyboard shortcut.

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