What is aspect ratio in Solidworks simulation?

The aspect ratio of an element is defined as the ratio between the longest edge and the shortest normal dropped from a vertex to the opposite face normalized with respect to a perfect tetrahedral. By definition, the aspect ratio of a perfect tetrahedral element is 1.0.

What is aspect ratio FEA?

Aspect ratio is the measure of a mesh element’s deviation from having all sides of equal length. A high aspect ratio occurs with long, thin elements. Entering an overly large value for the Minimum Element Size mesh control may cause the mesh generator to create solid elements with high aspect ratios.

What is Jacobian mesh?

Jacobian Ratio The ratio of the maximum determinant of the Jacobian to the minimum determinant of the Jacobian is calculated for each element in the current group in the active viewport. …

How do I increase the aspect ratio of my mesh?

You can either use a local mesh refine control on the problematic edge or start partitioning your geometry into smaller parts to help the mesher. For instance you can split your geometry using the parallel splitting plane (see picture) so you’ll end up with a “smaller” part containing your problematic elements.

Why is a finer mesh better?

Finer meshes are capable of providing a more accurate solution, nevertheless, computational time increases as a mesh is made finer, hence a satisfactory balance between accuracy and available computational resources must be executed.

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What is obsolete mesh?

Obsolete means the mesh needs updating because the geometry changed somewhat. Failed means the mesher didn’t make volume elements over all the geometry.

How accurate is Solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation results generally fall within 1 percent of industry benchmarks. SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SIMULIA SPE are certified by the DIN – Aerospace Standards Committee (NL) The SIMULIA Abaqus solver is distinguished as the best solver for technology and advanced mechanics.

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