Quick Answer: How do you isolate Catia?

Right-click the plane as the element you want to isolate. This capability works on all GSD features. Select the xxx object > Isolate command from the contextual menu. The geometrical link between the plane and the face is no longer maintained.

What is an isolated element in Catia?

isolate removes the the history of geometrical element. you will see a “red sign” in the feature tree. “isolate” is similar to “create datum mode”.

What is the difference between isolate and separate in Catia?

Q26: What is the difference between ISOLATE & SEPARATE in CATIA? Ans: ISOLATE deletes logical link between the elements, whereas SEPARATE differentiates lines, curves & faces from their links with other elements. For e.g., a curve is regarded as separate when it is connected to only one surface.

How do I select in Catia?

For instance, open a . CATPart document, click Sketcher and select any of the selection traps: you cannot perform the selection because Select is not active. To be able to select with traps, first click Select then the trap to be used.

What is the difference between isolate & separate?

As verbs the difference between separate and isolate

is that separate is to divide (a thing) into separate parts while isolate is to set apart or cut off from others.

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How do I select multiple lines in Catia?

Selecting Multiple Surfaces

  1. Click Modification in the Modification toolbar.
  2. Select Subdivision Surface. 1 .
  3. Click Multi-Selection . You can also access this command by pressing CTRL+SPACE .
  4. Press Crtl key and select Subdivision Surface. 3 .
  5. Click Multi Selection and you are back to Modification command.

How do I select all surfaces in Catia?

In CATIA V5 the following actions will select all faces in your active Part or Product Document:

  1. Press Ctrl+F (or Edit>Search). …
  2. In the [ Search] dialog box ckick [Advanced] tab.
  3. In the [Workbench] combo box choose [Topology].
  4. In the [Type] combo box choose [Face].
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