Quick Answer: How do I export a point cloud in AutoCAD?

How do I export from point cloud ReCap?

To export smaller areas of a ReCap point cloud:

  1. In ReCap define a “Limit Box” or use the Project Navigator to hide unnecessary scans.
  2. After the view is isolated, use the “Save as” button to save a new (structured) point cloud.
  3. Alternatively, use the Export button to save RCP, RCS, e57 or PTS.

How do I use point cloud in AutoCAD?

To Attach a Point Cloud to a Drawing

  1. Click Insert tab > Point Cloud panel > Attach. …
  2. In the Select Point Cloud File dialog box, find and select a scan (RCS) or reality capture project file (RCP) to attach. …
  3. In the Attach Point Cloud dialog box, specify your preferences for insertion point, scale, and rotation.

How do I import point cloud?

To import point cloud data

  1. Click (Add File Data Source).
  2. Click Point Cloud.
  3. Navigate to the folder where files are stored and select the point cloud file. InfraWorks supports . LAS, . LAZ, RCS and RCP files. An RCS file is a single point cloud file that can incorporate multiple scan (LAS) files. …
  4. Click Open.
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How do I reduce the size of my cloud?

Point cloud file sizes can be drastically reduced by changing the spacing between the unified points. Specify this point spacing during the export to RCPRCS process. Start the Export command and specify what the exported file will be called and where it will be saved.

How do I reduce the number of points in point cloud?

Click the Point-Cloud tab > Edit panel > Filter to reduce the point density of the selected point-cloud.

How do I open a point cloud file?

Insert a Point Cloud File

  1. Open the Revit project.
  2. Click Insert tab Link panel (Point Cloud).
  3. Specify the file or files to link, as follows: For Look in, navigate to the location of the file(s). …
  4. For Positioning, select: …
  5. Click Open. …
  6. For raw format files, you are prompted to index the data:

What is point cloud AutoCAD?

A point cloud is a large collection of points acquired by 3D laser scanners or other technologies to create 3D representations of existing structures. Point cloud files support the design process by providing real-world context where you can recreate the referenced objects or insert additional models.

How big is a point cloud file?

Depending on the nature of the project, that is likely somewhere between 5mm and 25mm between data points.

How do I create a point cloud file?


  1. Attach one or more RCS point cloud scans or RCP point cloud projects to the drawing. …
  2. Click Home tab Create Ground Data panel Surfaces drop-down Create Surface From Point Cloud Find.
  3. Select a point cloud, or use one of the command line selection options to select an area of one or more point clouds.
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Can AutoCAD open RCP files?

In actuality, AutoCAD only supports two file formats, namely . rcs & . rcp.

How do I import data from point cloud to Civil 3D?

The two-point cloud formats that can import directly in Civil 3D are: RCS and RCP. To Attach a point cloud in Civil 3D try the following (RCP/RCS): Click the Insert tab on the ribbon. In the Point Cloud panel, click Attach.

How do I import a PTS file into AutoCAD?

PTS is Ascii data, therefore to import your PTS file you now need to select from the PointCloud Menu Import (Other Formats)->Import Point cloud ASCII . A window should open allowing you to select the input file, the name of the exported PCG and the file format.

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