Quick Answer: How do I edit a drawing in Catia?

How do I edit a sketch in Catia?

To edit an existing sketch:

  1. Double-click the sketch or an element of the sketch geometry, either in the geometry area or in the specification tree.
  2. To do this from the 3D, right-click the sketch in the specification tree, point to [sketch name] object in the contextual menu, and then select Edit .

How do I change the drawing standard in Catia?

Updating the Standard of a Drawing

  1. Select File> Page Setup from the menu bar. The Page Setup dialog box opens, displaying the standard currently used by the drawing.
  2. Click the Update button to update the current standard. A message informs you that this action cannot be undone.

How do I change the sketch plane in Catia?

Select the Sketch1. object -> Change Sketch Support command. Select the replacing plane.

Where is quick trim in Catia?

Open the Sketcher_01. CATPart document and ensure that the Geometrical Constraints option is activated: Click Quick Trim . The Quick Trim options are displayed in the Sketch tools toolbar.

How do I change the background on Catia?

Switch to Background mode by selecting Edit >> Sheet Background. Once you have a good title block set up, exit Background mode by selecting Edit >> Working Views. In order to use a title block that is default to CATIA. Enter Background mode by selecting Edit >> Sheet Background (or see picture above).

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What is the file type for a standard Catia part?

Native File Formats

Format Extensions
AutoCAD .dwg
CATIA V4 .model
CATIA V5, V6 CATPart, CATProduct, CGR
Creo .prt, .asm

How do I change the default font in Catia Drafting?

Scenario: 1. Open CATIA. 2. Go to Tools > Standards > Drafting > ISO > Styles > Length / Distance Dimension > Default > Font > & change these settings (Font size: 14, Bold: Yes, Underline: Yes 7 Colour: Green).

Perform the following steps to Remove Links.

  1. Pick one or more item revisions in Teamcenter.
  2. Pick CATIA V5 >> Remove Links.
  3. View the process completed message indicating the links which have been removed. If no links have been removed, this message indicates the process has completed.

What is a title block AutoCAD?

The title block is a border drawing inserted as an AutoCAD block on another drawing. The title block border drawing can be inserted as a block on an AutoCAD drawing template file. If your drawing title block consists of an AutoCAD block with attributes, AutoCAD Electrical toolset can link to it.

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