How do you reduce geometry in Solidworks?

The Decimate Mesh Body tool is easy to use, simply select the body and then choose what definition to reduce the model by. Either percentage reduction in number of facets (in this case 50%), or using Maximum error tolerance which will compare the resulting mesh to the original body.

How do you reduce facets in Solidworks?

You can reduce the facet count for an entire body or a group of facets in the body.

Before you open a graphics mesh file, specify these system options in Tools > Options > Import:

  1. For File Format, select STL/OBJ/OFF/PLY/PLY2 and click Import as Graphics Body.
  2. For Unit, select Millimeters.
  3. Click OK.

How do I simplify a Solidworks model?

Click Simplify (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Find/Modify > Simplify. On the Simplify Task Pane: Select items in Features to specify the types of features to search for. Set the Simplification factor to increase or decrease the insignificant volume factor.

How do I reduce mesh size in Solidworks?

Simplifying Mesh or Point Cloud Files

  1. Set a value for Reduction amount (%) or for Target mesh size or point cloud size. …
  2. To simplify only a part of a mesh-based model, under Local Simplification, select a tool, select the area to simplify, and move the slider to adjust the simplification.
  3. Click .
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How do you simplify a large assembly in Solidworks?

To simplify assemblies: Toggle the visibility of the components. Create SpeedPak configurations.

Reasons to simplify a large assembly include:

  1. Improve performance and reduce rebuild times.
  2. Improve display speed during dynamic view operations (zoom, pan, rotate, and so on).
  3. Focus your work on a subset of components.

How do you reduce facets?

Here’s the steps I use to reduce a screw that starts out with close to 100k facets:

  1. Create Base Feature.
  2. Insert OBJ File (or other type)
  3. Right click on mesh, select “Edit”
  4. Click on Modify then Reduce in the top actions bar.
  5. Select mesh, choose a reduction strategy and parameters.

How do I reduce graphic triangles in Solidworks?

To change image quality, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Image Quality. In the Shaded and draft quality HLR/HLV resolution section, move the Low (faster) – High (slower) slider to change the image resolution. Components with high image quality have the slider set at 95% or greater.

How do you use Defeature in Solidworks?

To use the Defeature tool:

  1. Click Defeature (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Defeature. The PropertyManager has multiple pages. …
  2. Specify options in the PropertyManager. Click Next and Back to move between pages.
  3. On the Feature Removal Complete page, click . The Defeature options are saved in the original model.

What is Solidworks Design Checker?

SOLIDWORKS Design Checker verifies design elements such as dimensioning standards, fonts, materials, and sketches to ensure that SOLIDWORKS documents meet pre-defined design criteria. … Use this tool to retrieve design checks based on attributes from an existing SOLIDWORKS part, assembly, or drawing document.

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Which choice is an example of a sketched feature?

Sketched features require the use of a sketch in order to be created, and include features such as Extruded Boss/Cut, Revolved Boss/Cut and many others.

How do you insert a line break in Solidworks?

To create a projection split line:

  1. Click Split Line. (Curves toolbar) or Insert > Curve > Split Line.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Type of Split, select Projection.
  3. Under Selections, click: A sketch for Sketch to Project . You can select multiple contours from the same sketch to split. …
  4. Click . Before. After.

How do you simplify a very large and complex assembly to improve performance?

SpeedPak creates a simplified configuration of an assembly without losing references. If you work with very large and complex assemblies, using a SpeedPak configuration can significantly improve performance while working in the assembly and its drawing.

What is Solidworks large assembly mode?

Large Assembly Mode is a collection of system settings that improves the performance of assemblies. You can turn on Large Assembly Mode at any time. You can also set a threshold for the number of components to automatically open the assembly in Large Assembly Mode when that threshold is reached.

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