How do you make a grid on Catia?

How do I turn off Snap to Grid in Catia?

As for the textbox, the snap to grid option can be turned off by hitting shift. Alternatively you can disable it at option>mechanical design>drafting. Click on the “annotation and Dress-up” tab and unclick snap by default to disable it permanently.

How do I turn off Snap to Grid in Catia v5?

1)grid-This tool can be used to turn on or turn off the grid. The grid properties can be edited using the tools>options>mechanical design>sketcher.

How do you draw a construction element in Catia?

Click Standard/Construction from the Sketch tools toolbar so that the elements you are now going to create be either standard or construction element.

What is the color of under constrained elements in Catia Sketcher?

White: Under-Constrained Element.

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