How do you Foreshorten a dimension in Solidworks?

You can foreshorten (or clip) linear dimensions in any type of drawing view. To foreshorten linear dimensions: Right-click the side of the dimension to foreshorten and click Display Options > Foreshorten.

How do I reattach a dimension in SolidWorks?

To reattach a dangling center mark:

  1. Right-click the dangling center mark and click Reattach.
  2. In the same drawing view, select the hole edge, fillet, or slot whose center mark you want to reattach to the center mark set. The center mark reattaches to the new selection and the connection lines update.

How do I show specific dimensions in SolidWorks?

To re-display the dimensions, right-click the feature or one of its faces, and select Show All Dimensions. To show dimension names, click View > Hide/Show > Dimension Names or Hide/Show Items > View Dimension Names (Heads-up View toolbar).

How do I add a dimension in SolidWorks 2020?

You can specify that dimensions marked for drawings be inserted automatically into new drawing views. Go to Tools > Options and in the Document Properties tab, click Detailing.

How do I change the origin ordinate dimension in Solidworks?

You can control the origin circle size for ordinate dimensions when using the DIN standard. To set a document property for the origin circle size in a DIN ordinate dimension, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions > Ordinate and click Size.

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How do I change the dangling dimension in Solidworks?

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the master drawing in SOLIDWORKS. …
  2. From the SOLIDWORKS Menu select Tools>Options.
  3. Select the Document Properties tab.
  4. Select Detailing from the categories on the left.
  5. Locate the Hide dangling dimensions and annotations option and check the box next to it.

How do I show all dimensions in a Solidworks assembly?

To re-display the dimensions, right-click the feature or one of its faces, and select Show All Dimensions.

How does solidworks measure 3D models?

Measures distance, angle, and radius in sketches, 3D models, assemblies, or drawings. Also measures the size of and between lines, points, surfaces, and planes. To open the Measure dialog box: Click Measure (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Measure.

What is smart dimension solidworks?

You dimension 2D or 3D sketch entities with the Smart Dimension tool. You can drag or delete a dimension while the Smart Dimension tool is active. Dimension types are determined by the sketch entities you select.

How do you make an O ring groove in Solidworks?

To create an O-ring groove, click the O-Ring Grooves tab.

Creating Grooves

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, expand the groove feature.
  2. Right-click the sketch under the feature and select Edit Sketch. The sketch opens for editing. …
  3. Add dimensions and relations to the sketch to define its position.
  4. Exit the sketch.
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