How do I submit an InfraWorks model?

How do I share an InfraWorks model?


  1. Sign in to InfraWorks and open a local model.
  2. Click to open the Publish Model dialog box. …
  3. In the Publish Model dialog, select a BIM 360 Document Management project folder as the publish location for your model.
  4. Checkmark any proposals or resources that you want to publish with the model.

How do I start an InfraWorks model?

In InfraWorks Home, click on a model tile to open it.

Open Existing Models from Your Models Folder

  1. Click to display a horizontal menu.
  2. Click Open.
  3. Navigate to the *. sqlite file on your local or mapped network drive, and click the dialog Open.

Where are InfraWorks models stored?

InfraWorks caches cloud models locally in order to improve performance and manage model history. By default, the cloud model cache location is C:Users… DocumentsAutodesk InfraWorks ModelsAutodesk 360. You can change the default cloud model cache location in Application Options.

How do I open InfraWorks?

Open Autodesk Civil 3D, and on the Autodesk InfraWorks tab, click Open Model or Import IMX. in the Open InfraWorks Model dialog. Specify an InfraWorks model to open. You can select a local InfraWorks model by selecting a SQLITE file, or you can select an IMX file that was exported from InfraWorks.

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