How do I reset my Onshape?

How do I reset my view on Onshape?

It is below the insert view in the “View orientation” dropdown menu. Hope this helps. @david_salonia try the <7> keyboard shortcut to quickly return to the isometric view.

How do I start a new document on Onshape?

Click Create > Document (shown below) to create a new document. Click the Onshape logo in the top left corner of the browser window (anywhere in the user interface) to return to the Documents page. The home page in Onshape is the Documents page.

How do I change my Onshape settings?

Set your personal preferences

  1. Open the User menu. (click your name in the right top corner of the window).
  2. Select My account from the menu.
  3. On the page that appears, select Preferences in the left panel.
  4. Make your preferential choices about your Onshape environment.
  5. Make sure to click Save for each section.

How do you change Onshape to CM?


  1. Click “Preferences” under your Account settings, and you will see an option for “Units.”
  2. Select the units you prefer from the dropdown menu and click “Save units.” In the future, any Documents you create will have these units. …
  3. Here, you can change the units of that individual Document.
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How do you delete an Onshape document?


  1. cadmando. June 2016. Send it to the TRASH BIN, then delete them from the trash bin – GONE. …
  2. ilya_baran. June 2016. One thing to keep in mind is that if you or someone you shared the document with linked to your document, than the links will continue to function even if the linked document is deleted.

What are the two Onshape interface elements?

User Interface Basics: Desktop

  • Sketch toolbar Open by selecting Sketch on the Feature toolbar.
  • Assembly toolbar.
  • Drawings toolbar.

How do you move the view on Onshape?

Click the manipulator to flip the direction of the view.

Keyboard shortcuts for view

  1. Front view = Shift 1.
  2. Back view = Shift 2.
  3. Left view = Shift 3.
  4. Right view = Shift 4.
  5. Top view = Shift 5.
  6. Bottom view = Shift 6.
  7. Isometric view = Shift 7.
  8. Section view = Shift X.

How do I change my Onshape background?

We currently don’t have a way to set the background color for the part studio and assembly. You can vote for this improvement here :

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