How do I open an existing Lumion file?

You access/open a scene by using the Lumion interface Files –> Load Scene and click on the scene (project) thumbnail to load the scene. In Lumion you just click on the thumbnail.

How do I recover a Lumion file?

Recovery of Lumion files will depend on the state of the harddrive, and ability to read and access that device. 1. Lumion saves scene and imported model files to the My DocumentsLumion 4 folders. Those would be on C: drive as User files.

Where are Lumion files saved?

The default location is in the MyDocuments folder. Each version of Lumion saves to it’s own folder: Lumion v4 to C:UsersusernameDocumentsLumion 4.

How do I open a Lumion file on another computer?

Files –> Save Scene tab: 2.2: Move the . LS file to the other PC and open it.

What files can Lumion open?

The supported model file formats are as follows:

  • DAE (Collada)
  • SKP (SketchUp)
  • FBX.
  • DWG.
  • DXF.
  • 3DS.
  • OBJ.
  • MAX (Requires a 3ds Max installation)

Can we share Lumion file?

2.1: To transfer these files to a different PC, please quit Lumion and copy the folders as shown below (provided that they exist): DocumentsLumion (VERSION)Library. DocumentsLumion (VERSION)Recent. DocumentsLumion (VERSION)Materials.

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Why did Lumion go out of memory?

1.1: Lack of disk space on the harddrive or network drive that you saved the . … 1.3: Lack of Virtual Memory, i.e. swap space on the harddrive when Windows runs out of Graphics Card Memory and System Memory. 1.4: Overzealous anti-virus software that prevents Lumion from saving the file correctly.

Why does Lumion run out of memory?

When working on complex Projects, Lumion may sometimes run out of Graphics Card Memory and System Memory (for example when importing a very large model). … This memory type relies on free space on the harddisk. Please follow the instructions below if we ask you to increase the amount of Virtual Memory.

Why is my Lumion crashing?

Freezes and crashes may occur if your Scene is ‘too complex‘ and your hardware isn’t powerful enough and/or lacks available System Memory and Virtual Memory. ‘Too complex’ refers to the following variables: A: The number of different models you have added to the Scene.

How do I find the model of my Lumion?

In the Import or Objects menu, select the Edit properties submenu. Select the 3D model.

Can I copy objects from one Lumion file to another?

There’s no copy and paste, so you use what Lumion provides and that’s the Import Object -> Place tool, quick and easy, straight from the Library of imported objects. This means that you can re-use objects without having to re-import and set materials.

How do I import Lumion settings?

Copy the file settings(Version). ini from DocumentsLumion (OLD VERSION). Rename it to settings(NEW VERSION).

Example: Transferring your favorite objects and materials from Lumion 10.5 to Lumion 11.

  1. Quit Lumion and copy DocumentsLumion 10.0settings10. …
  2. Rename the copied file to settings11.
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