How do I make multiple windows in SolidWorks?

Can you open two windows of SOLIDWORKS?

If you have multiple displays, you can set the SolidWorks application window to span two displays. In the SolidWorks application, each part, assembly, and drawing is referred to as a document, and each document is displayed in a separate window.

How do I switch between windows in SOLIDWORKS?

Ctrl+Tab. This shortcut is used to switch between open documents inside of SOLIDWORKS and works with drawings, assemblies and parts. Think Ctrl+ Alt + Tab in Windows, just for SOLIDWORKS.

How do I Cascade Windows in SOLIDWORKS?

To cascade document windows: Click Window > Cascade. Search ‘Cascade’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. SOLIDWORKS welcomes your feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness of the documentation.

How do I open multiple tabs in SOLIDWORKS?

You can open multiple noncached files simultaneously with or without SOLIDWORKS running. For example, you can open multiple files in SOLIDWORKS via File > Open command, in SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, and in Contains tab.

Does solidworks have keyboard shortcuts?

With SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts, you’ll be able to launch commands quickly instead of wasting time searching for them in the toolbar. Plus, you can create custom shortcuts based on the commands and features you use most frequently. What are SOLIDWORKS mouse gestures?

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