How do I make Axis bigger in Catia?

Go to: Tools > Options > Infrastructure > Part Infrastructure > Display and look under ‘Display In Geometry Area’ To adjust the size, control the slider labelled ‘Axis system display size (in mm)’ The Axis System display can vary between 1mm – 100mm.

How do I change absolute axis in Catia?

Start CATIA V5 1. Open attached CATPart 2. Click Absolute Axis System in the tree and select Replace by MB3 3. Select Axis System.

How do I make axis visible in Catia?

Hiding or Showing the Sketch Absolute Axis

  1. Select the absolute axis or one of its sub-elements (origin, H or V direction) either in the specification tree or in the 3D Area.
  2. Click Hide/Show available in the View toolbar. The selected element is no longer displayed. It has been transferred into the No Show space.

Is it possible to increase the size of plane boundary representation?

Ans: Yes, it’s possible to increase the size of plane boundary representation in CATIA. For increasing the size of plane boundary representation, we need to go through Tools – Options – Infrastructure – Part structure-Display.

How do I move a line in Catia?

CATDrawing document.

  1. Click a center line. End points appear.
  2. Select any end point and drag to move all the center line extremities to a new position.
  3. Press the Ctrl key while selecting any end point and drag the selected extremity to a new position. You can multi-select elements when modifying center lines.
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Can we change sketch reference plane in Catia?

Select the Sketch1. object -> Change Sketch Support command. Select the replacing plane.

How do you see which drawing is active in Catia?

What is the active view?

  1. The active view has a red frame and it is underlined in the Drafting specification tree.
  2. Non-active views have blue frames.
  3. During view creation, the view to be created has a green frame until you click at the desired view location to validate the creation.

How do you hide a sketch in Catia?

how do i hide all planes,constraints in assembly in CATIA ?

  1. On menu line select EDIT, than on pop-up menu select SEARCH.
  2. Go to the tab ADVANCED. …
  3. When the parameters are set, then you click SEARCH and after that you click SELECT. …
  4. Click HIDE command (pop-up menu “view” or icon on toolbar “view”) and that’s it. …
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How do I change units in Catia v6?

3DCS follows the CATIA units. The default unit is millimeters. To change the units, simply click the drop-down list at the bottom of the units window and select the desired unit.

What is affinity in Catia?

An Affinity transformation changes the absolute size of the selected functional features by multiplying a scale ratio in a given direction to a geometric coordinate value. Unlike the Scale transformation, each direction of the referenced axis system may use a different scale factor.

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