How do I import Altium schematics into OrCAD?

In OrCAD Capture, Click File >> Import Altium Schematic to launch Altium-Capture translator . Browse to the ACSII file to be translated (*. prjPCB) and specify the output directory for the OrCAD Capture project .

How do I export an Altium schematic?


Choose Document Scope – select the desired option to export Just this document (the active schematic document), All schematic documents in the current project, or All open schematic documents.

How do you convert Altium to Allegro?

The process to translate an entire Altium project (schematic and PCB) is to first translate the schematic into DEHDL. Next, from the translated schematic, export an Allegro netlist into a new empty Allegro database. Then run the Altium to Allegro PCB translator from that Allegro database.

What is OrCAD DSN file?

A DSN file is a PCB (printed circuit board) design file created by OrCAD, a program used to design PCBs. It saves the circuit schematic and is often one of several files included in a OrCAD project (. … OLB files). DSN files are typically opened using OrCAD PCB Designer because they are created by the program.

How do I export from Altium?

Click File » Export » VRML then click Save in the resulting Export File dialog.

To configure an Output job:

  1. Click on an *. OutJob file in the Projects panel.
  2. Click [Add New Export Output] under Export Outputs.
  3. Choose Export STEP » [PCB Document].
  4. Double-click the resulting Export STEP entry in the Export Outputs region.
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How do I save an Altium schematic as a PDF?


  1. Summary. This command is used to access the Smart PDF Wizard, which guides you through the process of exporting your design into PDF format.
  2. Access. This command is accessed from the Schematic Editor and PCB Editor by choosing the File » Smart PDF command from the main menus.
  3. Use. …
  4. Tips.
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