How do I import a 3DM file into Revit?

Can you import 3DM into Revit?

Early-stage design is in focus with this release of AEC Collection with Revit 2022 Now you can link McNeel Rhinoceros® 3DM files directly into Revit 2022, and a new round-trip workflow between Revit and FormIt Pro has also been introduced.

How do I import a 3DM file?

Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon. Select Import. Choose “3DM”


  1. Use the IMPORT (Command)
  2. Check in the “files of type” list the format of your original file to be imported.
  3. Choose (Rhino *. 3dm)

How do I import materials from Rhino to Revit?

Make sure no objects remain on the Default layer. 5. Save the Rhino File in version 2.0.

Now import the Rhino file into the Revit family editor and assign Revit materials:

  1. Open a new Revit Family- preferably generic model- but any type should work.
  2. Use Insert / Import CAD to locate the 3dm version 2.0 file.

How do I load families in Revit 2020?

Load Families

  1. Click Insert tab Load from Library panel (Load Family).
  2. In the Load Family dialog, double-click the category of the family that you want to load.
  3. Preview any of the families (RFA) in the category: To preview a single family, select it from the list. …
  4. Select the family that you want to load, and click Open.
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Can Autocad 2020 Open Revit files?

No it’s not directly possible. You will need to export the rvt file to a dwg.

What software can open 3DM files?

Programs that open 3DM files

  • Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • Web. Autodesk Fusion 360. Free Trial.
  • iOS. Autodesk Fusion 360.

Can SketchUp Open 3DM files?

The 3DS format is one of those oldies but goodies. The format is native to the original DOS-based 3D Studio modeling and animation application. You can import 3DS models into SketchUp, and if you have SketchUp Pro, you can export SketchUp models into 3DS format, too. …

How do I import a Sketchup model into Revit?


  1. Create a family in the Family Editor. See Revit LT Families.
  2. Click Insert tab Import panel (Import CAD).
  3. In the Import CAD Formats dialog, navigate to the folder that contains the SKP file.
  4. For Files of Type, select the SKP file type.
  5. Select the file to import.
  6. Specify the desired import settings. …
  7. Click Open.
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