How can I change project name in AutoCAD Electrical?

How do I rename an electrical project in AutoCAD?

There is no direct way to rename an AutoCAD® Electrical project. As a work-around, you can copy the project, using the desired project name, and then delete the original project.

How do I rename a project in AutoCAD?

On the Quick Access toolbar, click Project Browser . In the project selector, select the project you want to rename, right-click, and click Rename Project. Enter the new name, and click OK.

How do I rename a project?

Rename a project in Project desktop

  1. Choose File > Info.
  2. On the right, choose Project Information > Advanced Properties.
  3. On the Summary tab, type the new name in the Title box.

How do I create a new project in AutoCAD Electrical?

Create a Project

Right-click at the bottom of the tree inside the Project Manager and select New Project. Click the arrow on the Project drop-down menu and select New Project.

How do I rename a project folder?

Right click the project which you want renaming and click Properties then change below: Change Assembly Name, Default Assembly namespace and Assembly information with new name. Open any of the file and move the file to new namespace which will be done by all files.

Can I rename a project in Visual Studio?

Right-click on the project name & click reload the project. Then rename the project name as highlighted below & save. It will automatically rename the .

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Can you rename a Visual Studio solution?

Tested with Visual Studio 2019. To rename a solution: In Solution Explorer, right-click the project, select Rename, and enter a new name.

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