Best answer: How do you fuse two items in FreeCAD?

How do I merge two items in FreeCAD?


  1. Select two or more mesh objects.
  2. Press the Mesh Merge button. Select the Meshes → Merge option from the menu.

How do I select multiple items in FreeCAD?

you can select multiple items by holding strg-key pressed during clicking the objects.

How do you split a solid in FreeCAD?

Double click a solid on 3D view to select it. Then click the cut plane with Ctrl key to select it. to cut the shape. Each cut result shape will be placed at group (“Exploded Slice” as follow) in model tree.

How do you simplify a mesh in FreeCAD?


  1. Select one or more mesh objects.
  2. Press the Mesh Decimating button. Select the Meshes → Decimation…
  3. The Decimating task panel opens.
  4. Specify the Reduction: If only one mesh object has been selected and you choose the Absolute number option: …
  5. Press the OK button to finish the command.

How do I select multiple faces in FreeCAD?

Right-click and a window appears. From this window select “Appearance” and a “Display Properties” window opens. From this you can make the changes to each face. Or from the tree window you can right-click on a part of the model and modify all faces of that piece at once.

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How do I select multiple edges in FreeCAD?

Re: Simple selection and de-selection (edges, faces)

Shift+select usually selects a whole range, as you can see in the tree when selecting the first element and then while holding shift one of the last items. If you want to select/deselct single items you use the Control key instead of shift (cmd on a mac).

How do I select a body in FreeCAD?

Double-click the Body in the tree view or open the context menu (right-click) and select Toggle active body to activate or deactivate the Body.

How do I ungroup in FreeCAD?


  1. Select the objects that you wish to organize.
  2. Right click and select Utilities → Move to group.
  3. Select the desired group, or click Ungroup.

How do you trim objects in FreeCAD?


  1. Press the. Trimming button. …
  2. Click on the edge that you want to trim.
  3. The line segment will be trimmed to the nearest overlapping line(s). …
  4. Pressing Esc or pressing the right mouse button will terminate the function.
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