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Completed power supply in black PLA LED Bridge Lamp Power Supply (3/17/2017) - Next up in my series on building my own interpretation of Janis’ LED Bridge Lamp I wanted to share out my re-mix of his power supply cover/case. In the original case, from the photos and models on Thingiverse it looked like Janis cut off the front of the case to attach the various plugs and switches. I … Continue reading LED Bridge Lamp Power Supply
Redhat Logo Sign in white Trinket Powered LED RedHat Sign (3/13/2017) - My day job is working as a software developer for Redhat which is the world’s largest Open-Source software company. It’s a fun place to work with a vibrant culture — kinda like a geek summer camp at times — as many of us like to decorate our cubes with various nerdy projects, toys, artwork etc. … Continue reading Trinket Powered LED RedHat Sign
Adabot Solder Dispenser Adabot Solder Dispenser (1/8/2017) - Building my own Adabot Solder Dispenser
Forrest moon of Endor or my Christmas tree these ornaments are right at home Star Wars Stormtrooper Snowflakes (12/24/2016) - Merry Christmas and my the force by with you! In preparation for the holidays I printed some Star Wars Storm-trooper Snowflake ornaments. You can find the model I used for this project here. I printed them 2 at a time in white PLA. 2 for the office and 2 for our tree at home. It … Continue reading Star Wars Stormtrooper Snowflakes
TinWhiskerz Adafruit Feather BLE + NeoPixel Light Adafruit Feather BLE + NeoPixel Lamp (12/9/2016) - Like any red blooded engineer I like nice designs, shiny objects and blinking lights. One of the projects that burrowed its way into my subconscious and helped push me over the edge into buying a 3D printer earlier this year was the Adafruit Feather BLE + NeoPixel lamp with 3D printed Voronoi Shade that plays some … Continue reading Adafruit Feather BLE + NeoPixel Lamp
Wood Crates -- Printed in PLA with wood fiber in it. Crate it up… (11/8/2016) - I’ve wanted to try using wood filament for quite a while, but the price for it was generally more than I was willing to pay for it. My friend Adam told me about a company calls SainSmart on Amazon that has good quality filaments at a reasonable price. I ordered a few colors of PLA … Continue reading Crate it up…
Fun Halloween 3D Prints Halloween Prints (10/12/2016) - With Halloween fast approaching I figured it was time to add some 3D printed decorations to the office. Below are some of my pics for fun Halloween themed prints. I tried to pick some models that demonstrate varied printing techniques. #1 The Ghost Emoji  This model is a quick print and can easily be adhered … Continue reading Halloween Prints
Wow, thats a lot of little maker faire robots. Why are they running away? Robot Army (9/17/2016) -   Apparently I’ve been building a robot army. Some models really do seem to get stuck in your head or on your printer bed. These tiny Maker Faire Robots are models I use to print samples of various filament colors. Like so many other models lately it was not good enough to make one for … Continue reading Robot Army
Woodworking Palette Knife My Favorite Print Removal Tool (9/15/2016) - Removing a print from the bed of your 3D printer can sometimes be a harrowing experience. You wait for hours for the print to complete, maybe even dealing with a few failed attempts and then go on to break or mangle your print trying to get it off the printer bed. My Lulzbot TAZ6 came … Continue reading My Favorite Print Removal Tool
Ready to cruise around the city Who you gonna call? (8/23/2016) - 3D Printed Ghostbusting Fun



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