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Wrap excess wire around magnet supports to provide strain relieve and protect your soldered joints. LED Bridge Lamp Electronics (11/10/2017) - For me, building the electronics for the LED Bridge Lamp was one of the most fun parts of the project.  It was an opportunity to build upon the skills I learned from earlier/simpler projects and create a really fun display/art project. Circuit Design The first step was figuring out the details of the circuit. To … Continue reading LED Bridge Lamp Electronics
Two candles Scary Smart Gothic Lantern (8/29/2017) - This post captures my entry into the Adafruit Extra Credit / Circuit Playground contest of 2017. I made a fun, interactive ‘Scary Smart’ Gothic Lantern which I will describe in this post. Intro Video (Showing Two Completed ‘Scary Smart’ Gothic Lanterns): I bought the Adafruit CircuitPlayground Developer Edition when it first came out and gave … Continue reading Scary Smart Gothic Lantern
Custom 3D Printed Case for Pi Zero W + Adafruit Joy Bonnet Pi Zero W + Joy Bonnet Case (8/1/2017) - When I first saw the Adafruit Joy Bonnet for the Raspberry Pi Zero I know I had to get one and try it out. 🙂 I liked the idea of having a small RetroPie rig I could keep in my pocket. As if I needed another reason to buy it, the back of the bonnet … Continue reading Pi Zero W + Joy Bonnet Case
Translucent Blue PLA, White PLA, and nGen Clear shades LED Bridge Lamp Shades (7/16/2017) - The lamp shades were a part of this project I agonized over. In the end it was a fun engineering challenge. Challenge #1 Color The first challenge was to figure out what color to make the shades.  I printed out a few sample shades that I tested out with a simple rig on a breadboard … Continue reading LED Bridge Lamp Shades
Printing a side of the base LED Bridge Lamp Base (7/16/2017) - As I worked out the details of my version of the LED Bridge Lamp by my friend Janis (Opossums) Jakaitis, one of the things I wanted to tweak was the base. The modifications I focused on were: Lower the risk — the original base was a very large piece that would take about 25 hours … Continue reading LED Bridge Lamp Base
Bridge Lamp Animation Sample GIF LED Bridge Lamp Summary (7/5/2017) - As an engineer I love all things that are shiny and blinky. Like many other engineers I am a cubicle dweller. I wanted to create something in my cube that would brighten up my workspace and make me smile whenever I’m working there. What follows is a series of posts that will guide you through … Continue reading LED Bridge Lamp Summary
Testing to make sure each section fits well into the next LED Bridge Lamp Superstructure (7/4/2017) - The superstructure of the LED Bridge Lamp is one of its most prominent features. I printed mine using Polymaker Polylite Translucent Blue filament. I started off by printing the standard set of flat printing models from Janis’ universal segment version of the lamp here. I also printed a set of the aligner/clamping rings that aid … Continue reading LED Bridge Lamp Superstructure
Completed power supply in black PLA LED Bridge Lamp Power Supply (3/17/2017) - Next up in my series on building my own interpretation of Janis’ LED Bridge Lamp I wanted to share out my re-mix of his power supply cover/case. In the original case, from the photos and models on Thingiverse it looked like Janis cut off the front of the case to attach the various plugs and switches. I … Continue reading LED Bridge Lamp Power Supply
Redhat Logo Sign in white Trinket Powered LED RedHat Sign (3/13/2017) - My day job is working as a software developer for Redhat which is the world’s largest Open-Source software company. It’s a fun place to work with a vibrant culture — kinda like a geek summer camp at times — as many of us like to decorate our cubes with various nerdy projects, toys, artwork etc. … Continue reading Trinket Powered LED RedHat Sign
Adabot Solder Dispenser Adabot Solder Dispenser (1/8/2017) - Building my own Adabot Solder Dispenser



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