Full set of ghosts


Some models on Thingiverse can become addicting to print.  I found the PacMan ghosts to be that sort of model. I made one…..

Original Cast of PacMan
Original Cast of PacMan

And one turned into 4…

Original Colors
Original Colors

And 4 into 8 etc etc. The bright colors make a nice addition to the desk and are fun to setup in different configurations.

Extended set of colors
Extended set of colors

I also made a set for my friend Ken who has his own video game museum.

Colorful Ghosts
Colorful Ghosts

“Waka, waka, waka, waka…” — PacMan

Full set of ghosts
Full set of ghosts

The colorful prints are all made from nGen filament.

20 ghosts + PacMan
20 ghosts + PacMan

The gray looking ghosts are printed in Village Plastics glow in the dark blue.

Following PacMan
Following PacMan. Glow in the dark blue PLA ghosts

The glow works well when they are charged up, but the LED lights I have don’t seem  to throw out the right amount of light. I had to put them in a sunny spot or under a traditional incandescent bulb.

PacMan's worst nightmare
PacMan’s worst nightmare

You can find the models for the above prints here:

Pac Guy

PacMan Ghost:

Take care,


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